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  • Matsuura hand-built 5 axis quality; exceptional performance, low cost of ownership & assured residual value.
  • Manned or Unmanned; ergonomic & dynamic design performance assures productivity.
  • Equipped with the Matsuura G-Tech 31i; touch screen with large display for operator comfort & precise control.


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  • Matsuura's proven software: Intelligent Protection System collision avoidance and next generation operating software MIMS.
  • The cycle time can drastically be shorted thanks to 48% reduction in tool change time and optimal location of tilting rotation center which is moved closer to the machining point.
  • Optimized rigidity assures a stable machining platform. 
  • Equipped with proven Direct Drive Linear Motors, high precision and accuracy are assured.
  • Ease of access to the spindle & workpiece has always been a design feature on the MAM72-35V- now more so through considered design. The NC interface is touchscreen-for faster, easier operation.
  • Maximum flexibility to match your workload- Twin, 32 and 40 pallet variants available- and up to 520 tools.


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