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 Marubeni Citizen-Cincom Inc.

Marubeni Citizen-Cincom was founded in 1984 to market and service Citizen’s CINCOM family of Swiss-type turning centers.  Marubeni began operation more than 140 years ago and today it is one of Japan’s nine largest trading companies.

Citizen is best known as the manufacturer of high-precision timepieces.  The company’s vertical integration has led also to the  development of advanced production equipment including highly precise, highly versatile Swiss-type turning centers known in the trade as CINCOM.  These machines are used extensively to manufacture an array of products, including medical instruments, electronics, fiber optics, automobiles, defense, firearms, tools and many others.

Featured Models

The latest A20 Type VIIboasts an additional axis, X2, on the back spindle making front/back simultaneous machining possible.

The A32 model, with its enhanced standard equipment package, provides a production ready, value for the money manufacturing solution.

The L20E IX   performs simultaneous machining with gang & tool posts and enable improved division of processes between the front and back faces.

The M16 modelcombines tool turret versatility with gang tool speed - 13 programmable axes & shorter production cycles & no loss of precision.

The M20/32 models feature improved turret capability, more tools, more features and more flexibility with the same floor space.